“Wine is our passion.  It’s doing what we love, working with the land, exploring the expression of site and creating delicious wine”

-Nadja and Steve

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Nadja and Steve first met when they were studying winemaking at CSU in 2008, before going their separate ways to work and travel overseas. In 2014 the pair reunited in Orange and have been winemaking in the region ever since. In July 2020 they purchased their plot and have been busy tending the vines and making their wines ever since. 2021 was their first harvest and they are eager to show you what they have been doing. With a combined winemaking experience of over 25years they are certain to have some exciting things to share.

Nadja Wallington+

Nadja Wallington, Winemaker

Steve Mobbs+

Steve Mobbs, Vingeron. Winemaker


Barnacle, General Manager

Nadja Wallington

Nadja Wallington, Winemaker

Nadja fell in love with the wine industry culture while in high school, working holidays in the family vineyard and winery. Nadja defines wine making as the perfect blend of art, science and agriculture. Completing her double degree of Winemaking and Viticulture at CSU Wagga Wagga; Nadja went overseas for 3years to further broaden and develop her experiences and knowledge as a winemaker working in California, South Africa and France. In 2014 she returned to Australia to work at Philip Shaw Wines in Orange where she was winemaking for 7years. She is now involved full time with ChaLou Wines.

Nadja is passionate about making expressive wines and using sustainable practices throughout their business.

Nadja Wallington can be contacted at nadja@chalouwines.com.au.


Steve Mobbs

Steve Mobbs, Vingeron. Winemaker

Steve grew up on a family vineyard on the North Coast of N.S.W. Bago Vineyards. After completing his bachelor degree in Wine Science at Wagga Wagga he spent 5 years travelling the world making wine in 5 different countries. In 2013 he joined the winemaking team at Cumulus Estate Wines in the Orange Region. In 2017 he started looking after Nadja’s family business Wallington Wines overseeing winemaking and viticulture.  In 2020 Nadja and Steve purchased their very own property in Orange and started to develop their own brand ChaLou Wines.  Steve has a hands on approach to all aspects of the business and is passionate about building a wholistic and sustainable wine brand.

Steve is a natural green thumb and enjoys working with the vineyard to harness its potential. Working our land using sustainable practices, challenging conventional techniques and finding innovative solutions to improve the quality of the fruit.

Steve Mobbs can be contacted at chalouwines@gmail.com.



Barnacle, General Manager

Barnacle is a very important member of our ChaLou team.  Barnacle loves living and working at ChaLou wines.  He is forever busy checking on the animals and keeping Steve and Nadja in line.  Always the first up each morning, he cannot wait to get stuck into each days activities.  He especially loves pruning, as there are lots of sticks getting thrown about.

Barnacle is always excited to welcome our guests and cannot wait to meet you when you come to visit to ChaLou Wines

Barnacle can be contacted at chalouwines@gmail.com.




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